Build a career with FPG Insurance and be part of a team that creates dynamic, customer-focused insurance solutions.

FPG Insurance Careers
As leaders in general insurance in Indonesia, our focus is on commitment and innovation across solutions for our clients, partners, shareholders and employees alike.

This focus results in the creation of an environment in which innovation, ideas and empowerment is unreservedly encouraged. Supporting our clear direction for service quality and advancement that recognises the combined contribution of the entire FPG Insurance team.

The FPG Insurance environment, coupled with our work ethic and superior benefits, creates exciting employment opportunities, aligned with our sustained strategy for success.

Committed to a comprehensive program of professional development and personal growth, the entire FPG Insurance team receives recognition with appropriate incentives and career development, from a true leader.
Working at FPG Insurance
Our Board of Directors

Trust and transparency are important pillars of our business.

FPG Insurance has an effective governance structure comprised of our Board of Directors, Management Team, and internal units. This structure establishes checks and balances and is designed to provide added assurance to our customers and shareholders. The Board is a policy making body that works to ensure effective collaboration throughout the FPG organisation.

Our Management Team

Our Management Team deals with the strategic, financial and business policy issues that impact the organisation as a whole.

Our People

There’s never been a better time to be part of the FPG Insurance family. Our team can attest to working in a dynamic company that recognises and rewards dedication, creativity and initiative.

Our Social Commitment

FPG Insurance regards responsible corporate citizenship as part and parcel of good business practice. We strive to make a difference in communities by supporting local and national causes. We recognise the need to contribute to sustainable development and shape a better future for our company and our country.

Mission, Vision and Core Values
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