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FPG Insurance Liability products are designed to cover the risks of personal litigation and financial liability for corporate decisions and third party claims.

We are experts in understanding the complex nature of corporate insurance requirements and have been developing and refining our Liability Insurance for many years.

Continually refining our products in line with compliance, legal and regulatory requirements for Liability Insurance solutions. Building upon our competitive advantage with regional and local expertise.


FPG Insurance Liability Products


Every business is responsible for providing compensation for death, injury or damage:

  • to third parties caused by the business operations
  • arising from products sold or manufactured
  • to employees in the course of their employment

FPG Insurance provide solutions to protect against this exposure:

  • Third Party Liability insurance
  • Product Liability insurance
  • Employers Liability insurance

For more information on our Liability Insurance products, you may contact the Liability Insurance team at

Alternatively, you can call the FPG  Insurance Team at (62) 2150821555


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