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Accidents can happen at any time, so make sure that you are adequately covered, should unforeseen accidents happen to you.

FPG Insurance Personal Accident products are designed specifically with you and your PA cover in mind. Providing you with unrivalled financial protection if your circumstances result in bodily injury, disability or death due to unforeseen accidents.

FPG Insurance Personal Accident policies guarantee the risk for 24 hours a day for 180 days continuously.


FPG Insurance Personal Accident Products


We provide insurance for you and your family (spouse and dependent children) against:

  • Accidental Death & Disablement
  • Medical Expenses for treatment of accidental injuries

We will guarantee the risk of death and permanent disability due to an accident caused directly by:

  • Accident 
  • Fire
  • Lightning strike
  • Riots & strikes
  • Terrorism, sabotage
  • False arrest
  • Kidnapping, murder
  • Persecution
  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Hurricanes 
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Tsunamis


  • Cash benefits when hospitalised as a result of an accident
  • Cover for hazards

For more information on our Personal Accident Insurance products, you may contact the PA Insurance team at

Alternatively, you can call the FPG Insurance Team at (62) 2150821555


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