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For motor vehicle insurance, the following types of losses will possibly happen:

  1. Partial Loss
    The amount of loss less than 75% of the Total Sum Insured. These losses occurred due to theft (Partial Loss Stolen) or collision (Partial Loss Accident) or other incident covered under the policy.
  2. Total Loss
    The total amount of loss of the interest insured has reached 75% of the Total Sum Insured. This total loss can happen due to stolen (Total Loss Stolen) or Collision (Total Loss Accident) or other incident covered under your policy.
Claim document

For all type of claims you are submitting, please describe the chronology of events in the claim form both online and offline and sign the claim form confirming your approval

For motor vehicle insurance claims, the required supporting documents are as follows:

  1. Completed Claim Form
  2. Copy of valid driving license (SIM)
  3. A copy of valid Vehicle Registration (STNK)
  4. Other required supporting documents (For total loss or Partial loss)
  5. Police report (for claims involving crime cases)

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